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NUX WK-520 Digital Piano

Your private smart-guide on learning piano

Thanks to the development of the internet, learning something new has never been easier. High-tech elements are playing an important role in nowadays' music education. WK-520 is designed to cater to the essential needs of beginners as well as educators. Well-selected Steinway grand piano sampling sound combined with the latest Dream 5708 chips, Italian 88key metal frame with scaled hammer action keyboard. In short, the WK-520 is a high performance/price digital piano. Team up with APP on your smartphone or tablet and the bright LED indicators and you'll definitely fall in love with the new way of learning piano.

The authentic grand piano tone

The authentic grand piano tone of the NUX WK-520 comes from well-selected Steinway grand piano sampling sound, the latest dream 5708 chips and customized stereo speakers.

A long-lasting keyboard

Thanks to the techniques originated from Italian, the 88 key scaled hammer action keyboard each is equipped with metal frame that can ensure you have a perfect playing experience even after years of playing. Low-noise is another feature of the keyboard, plug in your headphone, sink yourself into the world of music even after midnight.

300 sounds and 100 Rhythm types

The NUX WK-510 comes with 300 different sounds and 100 rhythm types. Together, they can bring you infinite possibilities and fun. Tired of practicing? Listen to the 52 built-in classical demo songs to take a break.

128 notes polyphony

With maximum 180(189) notes polyphony, WK-520 can handle almost all players' daily needs.

3 seg LED display can always let you keep track of the real-time status.

Split keyboard and dual-tone

Active the Split keyboard and set the split point. Get ready to teach and learn or 4 hands playing.

Dual tone can make your playing more diversity and gorgeous.

Smart Rhythm

You can add rhythms into your playing before your playing or during you playing.

The auto chord function can be easily triggered to show functional chord during your compose or performance.

Recording function and effects

It's easy to record your practice playing with the NUX WK-520, play it back, find your weakness and keep practicing. Once you're into it, you can also compose something with the recording function. Want to have more fun? Try adding reverb or chorus effects into your playing.

Learn with fun

Team up with APP on your smart phone or tablet and the bright LED indicators and you'll definitely fall in love with the new way of learning piano. Exploring the app to find out more.


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