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RCF is one of the leading global brands engaged in the production of professional audio technologies. Founded in 1949, the Italian company produces loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, etc. offers this type of electronics manufacturing and installation service.

It provides sound solutions and installations at a professional and high level for large concert halls, stadiums, theaters and cinema halls, hotels and restaurants.
Baku Olympic Stadium, Sumgayit Mugam Center, etc. in Azerbaijan. The sounding of such places is equipped with the equipment of this brand.

"Azerco" company is the official distributor of RCF in Azerbaijan.



Rode is an Australian brand of Swedish origin, the indispensable choice of media content creators.
Founded by the Freedman family who came to Australia from Switzerland in 1967, the company's microphone models are among the best-selling of all time.
In addition to microphones, producing podcast equipment, headphones, audio interfaces, gamer electronics and accessories, Rode surpasses its competitors in terms of quality and reliability.

Rode Azərbaycanda rəsmi distributoru "Azerco" şirkətidir.


DYNACORD, a branch of the BOSCH brand, has become a symbol of reliability in this field by adding German quality and modern technological innovations to audio electronics.
It can provide network, digitization and improvement in loudspeakers, communication systems, mixers and signal distribution systems in a quality and professional manner.

"Azerco" company is the official distributor of Dynacord in Azerbaijan.



It is an American brand that produces studio equipment, microphones, midi-keyboards, and loudspeaker systems. Samson has made its mark in this field by providing superior quality at an affordable price. Usb microphones, wireless microphone systems, portable sound systems, and studio equipment of this brand are among those that are loved and selected around the world.

"Azerco" company is the official distributor of Samson in Azerbaijan.

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